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Online Marketing

No blind guarantees, only real results when you seek The Web Xpert’s expertise to help you attract, qualify and convert more customers with your website.

Search Engine Marketing & Online Advertising (Pay-Per-Click or PPC)

Search engine marketing is a proven strategy to help you boost your sales online. Your online advertising campaign will be held in Google Adwords, Yahoo and MSN search portal. We will work with you to achieve these objectives:

  • High leverage – reach and qualified relevant customers out of a million online surfers instantly
  • Low overheads – never spend money on expensive printing, design and advertising again
  • Measurable results – only spend your marketing dollars on landing pages that works
  • Predictable returns – only reproduce your best results
  • Low risk – test your campaign with as little as $5 a day

Email Marketing & Email Newsletters

Email is the most efficient tool to help you maintain personal communication with your customers. Make your customers feel special by sending regular email newsletters or email updates on special offers. When you outsource our email marketing service, we will work with you to achieve these objectives:

  • Multiplying sales leads – expanding your database of prospects
  • Increased sales - reaching prospective customers when it counts
  • More repeat business – targeting customers with highly personalised messages
  • Instant responses - taking action is effortless for your customers
  • Market knowledge - monitoring customer’s responses and behaviour over time

Search Engine Optimisation & Web Analytics

Search engine optimisation (SEO) is a systematic technique used to bring more visitors to your website via Google, Yahoo and MSN search portal. This happens when your website is ranked page 1 in search engines out of a million competitors; your website is well linked with other trusted websites and so forth. This doesn’t happen overnight and requires consistent monitoring of your web performance with web analytics tool. Outsource your search engine optimisation and web analytics service to us and we will work with you to achieve these objectives:

  • High return – reach out to readers the time they search for keywords related to your business
  • Low cost – never spend money on expensive printing, design and advertising again
  • Measurable results – benchmark your website performance with your competitor’s website
  • Predictable returns – only reproduce your best results
  • Point of difference – communicate your unique business strengths to billion users

Conversion Rate Optimisation and Web Page Testing

Your competitors are probably re-investing in their website to improve it day-by-day. Building a website is one thing but testing and improving your web page is another thing. If you want to turn your website into a money making machine, you will need to have the right set of tools to find out which web goals are your winners and losers. Your website is your virtual sales team. Outsource our service to train your virtual sales team to work on these objectives today:

  • High return – identify the weak links in your sales and marketing funnel
  • Low cost – test your web pages with real users you recommend to us or let us arrange that for you
  • Measurable results – benchmark your sales and marketing performance based on industry trends
  • Predictable returns – only reproduce what works with your web pages
  • Point of difference – take into account what your users need and want out of your website and business

Whichever online technique you used, it does not matter as much as your marketing objectives and metrics. Based on the below guidelines, which stage is your main focus?

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