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ThewebXpert Client Questionnaire – Web Design

Contact person's name*

Contact person’s position

Contact person’s email*

Contact person’s phone*

Company/Business/Organisation Name

Company Address




Website (if organisation already has one)

Summary of Project (Provide overview of project in a few sentences)

Description of organisation (eg. vision and mission statements)

Details of current corporate identity (eg. branding taglines, trademark for products, corporate values)

How long has your organisation been operating?

Colours (code name – eg. HTML colour code for black is 000, see for more information)


Do you have a logo?

What format is your logo (i.e. Illustrator, EPS, other vector, GIF, JPEG, PSD)?

What are your specific requests or design styles, such as colours or fonts in mind, for your website?

Who are your competitors? List at least 3 of them. It can be a website’s URL or a brief critique. If there’s a lack of space to fill in the blank, you can include it as an attachment for us


List other websites that you have seen that you like the layout, feel and design of them to be included in your organisation’s website pages

What makes your organisation unique/different/better than competitors?

What business network is affiliated to your organisation?

Business awards/non-profit/clubs/community groups or .org websites

Education or .edu websites

What outcomes would have deemed this project to be successful?

What is the budget you have for this project?

Online sales Yes No Maybe in the future

Online leads Yes No Maybe in the future

Online registration Yes No Maybe in the future

Number of pages browse Yes No Maybe in the future

Number of new visits Yes No Maybe in the future

Number of return visits Yes No Maybe in the future

Number of visits you lose Yes No Maybe in the future

Other performance metrics (please specify)

Describe any work that has been done design/re-designing the website?

What is your expected timescale to complete this project?

Do you have in-house staffs (including web designers, content producers, marketing staffs) who will be involved in this project?

Please tick all boxes that apply  Sell products or services online (online sales) Provide e-commerce (online store) Provide organisation information (online brochure and business card) Provide timely changed product/service information (online news) Share organisation resources or knowledge base with like-minded community (online wiki) Interactive branding experience with stakeholders (members, investors, partners, customers) Improve public awareness about your brand Release time-sensitive materials (eg. online discount for limited time period) Make pictures, videos, audios and files available to the public Reach a highly desirable demographic market Answer frequently asked questions Stay in contact with sales people Create a 24 hours service Allow feedback from others Create direct marketing opportunities Test new products/services Test new market Target international customers Reach the media Reach the generation-Y Build your brand Ensure that you have an international online presence Others (please fill in the below box)

Others (please fill in box on the right)

Would you be interested to have other international sites like (China), (Hong Kong)? Yes No Maybe in the future

Additional comments

What type of visitors do you want to attract?

What will happen when visitors come to your website?

What information does your visitors look for?

If visitors purchase goods/services online, what are the steps of fulfillment?

Does your organisation have a database of customers/members

Email newsletter?

RSS feed? Yes No Maybe in the future

Blog? Yes No Maybe in the future

Social networking sites?

Can you estimate how many webpages you want for your website? 1-20 pages 20-50 pages 50-100 pages 100+ pages Others


How many major sections do you have for your website?

Existing print materials? Yes No Maybe in the future

Translated from other languages? Yes No Maybe in the future

Original content producers? Yes No Maybe in the future

Others (please specify)

What format do you anticipate the content will be in? If unsure, you can leave it blank.

How often will this content be added/updated?

What content will need to be updated?

How would you like this content to be updated? (in-house or outsource?)

Will the website requires a member/password protected area for some content?

Will your website need to be database driven?

Do you have a merchant account with a financial institution?

Do you have a current web hosting for a current website or email?

Do you require domain name registration?  Yes No

Do you require website hosting?  Yes No

How many email addresses will be required?

Who will be maintaining the website when it goes live?

Do you require training in general internet related materials such as content management, e-commerce and email?

If you require training, where will this training take place and with what computer equipments?

Would you like to market your website online in search engines like Google....

Would you like to promote your website in other ways

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